The seed never sees the flower.


We have forgotten the power implicit in our diversity. We have separated ourselves from each other over religion and politics, further widening our differences. But it’s not too late to rediscover our humanity.


Using the iconic friendship of Starsky and Hutch, we are hosting a series of events designed to open a unique dialogue about these increasingly dangerous times in order to do our part to turn them around.


We are in this human experience together. We, the people, are more important than any political party and more essential than any movement or cult. We are Me and Thee—me, thee, you, us. Together.

Brought to you by the original (and the only) Starsky and Hutch and Huggy Bear actors.

David Soul, Paul Michael Glaser, and Antonio Fargas

We are Me and Thee. Me. Thee. You. Us. Together.