David Soul releases his song, ‘America’

By Me & Thee

In the spirit of America, David Soul releases his song, AMERICA, as a gift to his fellow citizens to enjoy and share among themselves. To watch the video David directed based on this song, please visit Stick Together. To download the song for free, please use the button below.

“Think about America then,
She’ll love you if you let her again.
We never had it better than when
we stick together …
we can weather any storm.”

“No truer words or stronger challenge could be offered now, at this time. So grateful for Joe Biden’s victory, but so much to be done to heal the division that has torn our incredible America apart. In the meantime, enjoy our song and let’s stick together. Lots of love and hope.”

Music and lyrics by Jack Murphy. Recorded by David Soul. From 1980 (released November 7, 2020). To learn more about AMERICA, please visit Stick Together.