By Me & Thee



Using the iconic friendship of Starsky and Hutch, we are hosting this platform designed to open a unique dialogue with the rest of the world about these increasingly dangerous times in order to do our part to turn them around.

We have forgotten the power implicit in our diversity. We have separated ourselves from each other based on religion and other ideosyncratic dogma. We have forgotten to listen to each other, opting for judgement. We have put walls up and employed embargoes and sanctions to deny others the possibility of survival—and us of our humanity. We have bombed and mutilated communities, families, sons and daughters—children who will grow up with hate—all justified in order to prove ourselves righteous or, at least, more powerful. We have thrown people we don’t even know out in the cold and, with it, denied our own humanity as we ignore the needs of others: the hungry, the homeless, and the children—all those yearning for peace, kindness, and longing for the care we all deserve as human beings.

These are only superficial examples of the kind of humanity we represent in this campaign, but they are very real.

What we are suggesting is to use the unique memory of the relationship of Starsky and Hutch to work with others who are also interested in improving the world, to help focus attention to this much-needed cause that questions motives and can contribute to drive positive action in communities around the world. We, the people, are bigger and more important than any political party, more essential than any movement or cult. We come together to grow a better world.

You. Me. Us. Together.